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Lahoriye 2017 New Punjabi Movie Download HD 720p At the point when the segment of India occurred in 1947, Punjab was the region which was generally affected. The segment depended on locale astute Hindu and Muslim greater parts and it dislodged a huge number of individuals. Since the parcel, public and political pressures are a typical piece of Indo-Pak outskirt towns. Amberdeep Singh’s Lahoriye does not delineate mobs, commotion, and human sufferings rather depicts love between two companions and two couples of these countries. Amid these cruel circumstances between two warring countries, Lahoriye yells love and expectation. Furthermore, that is the place the motion picture scores. Kikkar Singh (Amrinder Gill) gets an agreement to furrow arrive close to the Indo-Pak outskirt in Fazilka. He becomes hopelessly enamored with Ameera who lives in Punjab, Pakistan. Kikkar chooses to go to Pakistan and attempt his good fortune. When he comes to there, Ameera’s sibling Najeeb Khan (Yuvraj Hans) helps the couple to join together. Ameera and Kikkar’s folks consent to their marriage. Be that as it may, when Kikkar backpedals to Pakistan with his family to get hitched, the distinctive religions, societies and political weights make the marriage a titanic errand for the youthful couple….
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Lahoriye 2017 New Punjabi Movie Download HD 720p

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File size : 894 MB

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